11 Tips for Choosing the Best Earrings to Pair with a Red Dress

How to Choose the Best Earrings for a Red Dress

If you want to wear something timeless, eye-catching, and simply beautiful, reach for the red dress in your closet. The right red dress can make you stand out from the crowd and exude your true, vibrant personality. It’s a beautiful choice for a night out on the town with girlfriends or for a special event with a special someone in your life.

The way you feel in your red dress is perhaps the most important result of putting it on, as many women exude confidence, strength, energy, and boldness that they may not feel when they aren’t wearing it. In fact, researchers note that when you wear red, it makes you seem more attractive, charming and it may even make you more sexually appealing.

Before you hit the streets in your little red number, don’t forget to choose the perfect pair of earrings. Whether you opt for a red dress with red earrings or you want to switch up the color palette for your ensemble, don’t forget the jewelry!

We’ve put together some helpful guidelines to follow when choosing the right jewelry for your stunning red dress.

Tip #1: What Type of Event Is It?

choosing earrings for a red dress

The occasion will automatically become one of the most important factors to help you pick out your earrings. Jewelry comes in so many varieties that it can be overwhelming to consider all of your options at once. Start by dividing your earrings into casual versus fancier pairs to get an idea of what your options are.

If the event is more casual, such as a luncheon with friends or a daytime work event, choose a pair of earrings that are more casual. Think small hoops or understated studs to add a hint of sparkle without transforming your look into something fancier.

Earmoji: Bow

red dress hoops

If the event is black tie or it is a more momentous occasion, consider a more intricate pair of earrings such as elegant teardrop earrings, wire hook earrings, or chandelier earrings to create a dressier look. 

High Shine Spotlight Tri-hoop

hoops for a red dress

Tip #2: What Does Your Dress Look Like?

how to choose earrings for a red dress

Just as you choose your wedding day jewelry based on the cut of your neckline, you can implement the same approach when picking out what earrings to pair with your red dress.

If you’re rocking a little red slip dress with spaghetti straps or a dress that has a higher neckline, keep the look simple by choosing plain diamond studs or silver hoops.

High Shine Micro-Pavé

silver hoops for a red dress

Be mindful that a red dress is as a bold statement as it is, and you don’t need to overcompensate with a ton of flashy jewelry. Let the dress do the heavy lifting for you and don’t stress too much about perfectly matching your earrings to it!

Tip #3: Consider Gemstone-Studded Jewelry

earrings for a red dress gemstone jewelry

The beautiful cuts and angles typically found in gemstone jewelry pair beautifully with a bold red dress. There are many gemstone jewels from which you can choose, so consider some of the following popular options:

  • Let’s face it, diamonds are always in style and they bring an unmatched elegance and sophistication to any outfit. The clarity and sparkle of a diamond complement the red in the dress. If you wear a solitaire diamond, it adds a more casual element to your look while clustered diamonds often translate as a more formal outing.
  • Onyx is another popular option commonly paired with red. Not only does it stand out as a pair of earrings on its own, but its deep color also complements the red hues throughout your dress.
  • Another popular gemstone option that pairs well with a red dress is a traditional pearl. We further explain how to style pearls with a red dress below.

Tip #4: What Season Is It?

season earrings for a red dress

Seasonality is another factor to consider when choosing earrings for your red dress. Because red is a color so closely associated with holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, adding the right festive accessory such as high shine vintage bows with crystals shows everyone that you’re embracing the holiday spirit. 

High Shine Vintage Bows - Gold

vintage bow earrings for a red dress

If your event isn’t closely tied to a seasonal celebration or event, you can opt for a classically beautiful pair of hoops in the metal color of your choice. 

High Shine Mini Hoop

Gold Hoops for a Red Dress

Tip #5: Opt for a Classic Pearl

classic pearl earrings for a red dress

Pearls are always in style and they exude an elegant, classic look regardless of the outfit. Plus, white and red look beautiful together.

Pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so chances are high that you’ll be able to find the perfect pair to accompany your red dress.

  • Natural Pearls: This type of pearl forms in the bodies of particular mollusks. They typically start as microscopic irritants and develop without any exposure to human interaction.
  • Cultured Pearls: This pearl variety requires human care to produce a pearl. Most mollusks used in the process are used for this purpose. We’ve noted three of the most popular types of cultured pearls that are often used in jewelry, including earrings.
    • Freshwater Pearls: These pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are often used in jewelry. They are also on the more affordable side.
    • Akoya Pearls: These pearls are typically perfectly round and highly reflective. They come from the coasts of Japan and China.
    • Tahitian Pearls: These are the only types of pearls that are naturally black. They are rare and exotic, making them worth a pretty penny.
pearl earrings for a red dress

Whatever pearls you have will pair effortlessly with your gorgeous red dress. 

Tip #6: Go for a Red on Red Look

choosing red earrings for a red dress

For some, red is simply their color. If your hair or skin coloring naturally pair well with the color red, why not lean into it and pair your red dress with red earrings? This is an easy approach to creating an exquisite look that will attract the attention of many, and you can pull off red on red for both daytime and evening looks.

Because red is such a versatile and available color, you’ll have many options to choose from when you’re getting ready. If you need a casual pair of red earrings, consider a fun pair of tassel earrings to bring movement and playfulness to your dress.

Color Play Mini Tassels

red tassel earrings for a red dress

If you need a dressier pair of red earrings, consider looking for a pair with sparkling rubies that will perfectly reflect the light as you move. If you were born in July, this is also your birthstone!

Tip #7: Yellow Gold is Your Friend

choosing gold earrings for a red dress

Yellow gold is one of the most beautiful options of jewelry to pair with your red dress. Because both red and gold are warm colors, they create an enticing look when paired with one another. It is also a classic combination that has long been in style, and it will be a winning combination for years to come.

Don’t overthink it! A classic pair of yellow gold studs brings just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit while still allowing your dress to be the center of attention. If you have multiple piercings in the same ear, you can also opt for a gold threader earring to pass through each hole.

High Shine Dome Stud

gold studs for a red dress

Tip #8: Go for White Gold or Silver Jewelry

red dress earrings

On the other side of the metal spectrum is white gold or silver jewelry. The crisp silver tones will contrast starkly with the red in your dress for an interesting and unexpected ensemble. If your dress already has red stones with white or platinum details, make sure that your jewelry stands out. 

Earmoji: Double U

silver earrings for a red dress

Tip #9: Lean on Your Personal Style

personal style earrings for a red dress

Regardless of the outfit and earring combination that you choose, you need to feel like yourself. Whether you need to purchase a new pair of earrings to pair with your dress or you are searching within your closet, pick a pair that makes you feel confident from within.

For example, if you typically don’t feel comfortable wearing dangling earrings, why wear them now? Or maybe your style is always charismatic and over the top. It’s okay to make your jewelry decision based on what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Leadlight Hoop - Chartres

earrings for a red dress

Tip #10: Balance Your Face Shape

face shape earrings for a red dress

Each face naturally takes on a shape, some are rounder and wider, some are longer and thinner, and some are a combination of multiple. Take a look in the mirror if you don’t already know your face shape and try to envision what type of earrings will look the best.

If your face is heart-shaped, opt for a pair of earrings that has elongated lines and curves to help draw attention to your cheekbones.

Color Play Threaded Beads

earrings for a red dress face shape

If your face is oval, you have a bit more simplicity or sometimes versatility in the type of earrings that you choose.

High Shine Sleek Hoop

simple earrings for a red dress

It’s okay if this process is trial and error! As you get to know your face shape and what works, you can continue to purchase earrings that complement not only your style but your genetics as well. 

Tip #11: Coordinate with Your Partner

partner earrings for a red dress

If you are getting dressed up to go to an event with a friend or a significant other, factor in what they are wearing to help determine what earrings to pair with your red dress. Doing so doesn’t require a ton of effort beforehand and it ensures you two look great together for the event or occasion.

Maybe your significant other is planning on wearing gold details to the event. In this case, throw on a pair of beautiful gold drop earrings to weave gold into your look as well. Using your significant other’s outfit choice can also help you determine what jewelry to avoid, as many colors clash with one another.

Leadlight Hoop - Neutral

red dress earrings

Coordinating with one another also makes for a beautiful photo, so don’t miss this photo opportunity.


A woman in red is sure to garner the attention of the crowd anywhere she goes and adding the perfect jewelry can further elevate your look.

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