How to Choose Earrings to Match Your Hairstyle

We all know (especially after a bad hair cut!) how our hairstyle can affect our look. From girly, glamorous curls to edgy, sleek styles, a fresh cut and style can turn you into a new woman. And you know what else can? A pair of earrings.

Your earrings and hairstyles work hand in hand, as one can highlight the other. With a dazzling pair of earrings, you can spotlight your favorite attributes or draw attention away from parts of your look you’re more self-conscious of (we’ve all be there!).

There’s a lot that goes into selecting the perfect set of earrings, but a big contributing factor is the length of your hair. The best earrings for medium length hair may be different than earring styles for short hair, but at the end of the day, it’s all about highlighting your best features and matching your style.

To best accentuate your hair, here are our earring selections for you and your style.

Best Earrings for Long Hair

Best Earrings for Long Hair

Love to let your long tresses blow in the wind? Us, too.

Long hairstyles are a statement in themselves and are often already a lot to manage. For this reason, some of the best earrings for long hair are studs. This style of earring is an everyday must, and when it comes to long hair, they are ideal to avoid getting tangled in your long strands. We love options that can be worn every day and match with any outfit, like the High Shine Dome Stud, which has a glossy finish that will stand out against your long hair.

Best Earrings for Long Hair High Shine Dome Stud

We also recommend vibrant, colorful earrings for long hair that are sure to stand out amongst your flowing locks. A pair, like the Red Color Play Mini Tassels, will draw attention with a vibrant hue that looks great with every hair color. You can even go for longer tassels to flow with your lengthy hair.

Earrings for Long Hair

Earrings for Ponytail Hairstyles

Earrings for Hairstyle Ponytail

A ponytail - the classic hairstyle for both glamorous and casual looks. This is one of our favorite hairstyles, and we’ve got the earrings to match!

The best earrings for ponytail looks depends on the height of your ponytail. If you’re rocking an Ariana Grande-esque high pony, you’ve got the perfect hoop earrings hairstyle. High ponytails are a great opportunity to show off larger statement earrings, making it one of the go-to hairstyles with hoop earrings. And this doesn’t mean you’ll distract from your face! With a great pair of hoops, like the High Shine Sleek Hoops, you can highlight your facial features and killer ponytail with a set of earrings that simply add a touch of glamour. High pony hairstyles with big hoop earrings give the wow factor you’re looking for, without too much effort.

Earrings for Ponytail

While a high pony is one of the best hairstyles for big earrings, a low pony typically requires a more understated look. This low-maintenance hairstyle looks best with a pair of large studs, like the High Shine Dome Stud, or other short earring styles like Earmoji Double U. While these earrings may seem more understated than a large pair of hoops, they still offer a feminine addition to elevate even your most casual look.
Earrings for Ponytail
Earrings for Ponytail

Earrings for a Bun Hairstyle

Earrings for Bun Hairstyle

Bun hairstyles are a super popular, sophisticated hairstyle that adds a touch of elegance to your daily look. Pulling your hair back in a bun leaves the perfect amount of open space between your shoulders and ears - making room for a stunning pair of earrings.

Some of our favorite earrings for bun hairstyle choices are sparkling, classic styles to match your elegant hair. Earrings like the High Shine Spotlight Tri-Hoop offer the perfect size to draw attention to the space above your shoulders while dazzling with beautiful crystals.

Earrings for a Bun HairstyleHigh Shine Spotlight Tri-Hoop

Buns are one of the go-to hairstyles for long earrings, and our Color Play Mini Tassels offer the perfect, colorful, drop-down earring your style needs. When it comes to choosing earrings for a bun hairstyle, the bigger, the better!

Choosing Earrings for Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Hair Earrings

Is your hair not quite Rapunzel-long, but not anywhere near a pixie cut? Sounds like you’re searching for earrings for medium-length hair.

With shoulder-length hair, your style typically cuts straight across the shoulders. This line creates the perfect boundary point for your earrings. You won’t want any pairs that are longer than your hair, but you can still opt for larger styles. Earrings for shoulder length hair can be bright and big, as long as they remain above your shoulders. And that’s not too much to ask, right?

For this hairstyle, a go-to is the High Shine Sleek Hoop - a dazzling, highly-polished, sleek hoop that finishes off every look. We also recommend an even more sparkling option, like the High Shine Micro Pave Hoop, which features Swarovski crystals to give your look an added shine.

Earrings for Medium Length Hair
While these big and bold earrings will look great with your medium length hair, be sure to part your hair and tuck it back to show them off even more.
Earrings for Medium Length Hair

Best Earrings for Short Hair

Best Earrings for Short Hair

When it comes to earring styles for short hair, you can do anything from studs to hoops - it just depends on your style! We do love short hair with hoop earrings, especially since this shorter style means you can rock a wide variety of hoop styles. For a unique, colorful pop, we recommend the Leadlight Hoop in Chartres. This thicker set of hoops features colorful stones that add a fun vibrancy to your daily jewelry choice.

Best Earrings for Short Hair
Another type of earrings to wear with short hair are pairs in a trendy, unique shape. Without a lot of hair to cover them, these styles are better highlighted on those with shorter hair, allowing the shape and design to get the attention it deserves. One of our go-to, unique shapes is bows, like the Earmoji Bow. These add a girly touch to your daily jewelry game and have added Swarovski crystals to sparkle - a must-have set of earrings for short haircuts.
There are a lot of earrings for short hair, so let’s break it down even more by the style of short hair you have!

Earrings for Bob Haircuts

Bob Hairstyle Earrings

We love having a little extra fun with our earrings for bob hairstyle looks.

Some of the best earrings for bob haircut styles are long drop earrings or colorful choices. This is ideal for a bob that’s longer than your earlobes, as they will stand out and flatter your shorter style. This season, we are loving warm tones, like with the Sunset Square earrings that will stand out against your bob style.

Earrings for Bob Hairstyle
Short hair with dangling earrings is a great choice for any event you may have, or if you’re just wanting to draw a little extra attention. Larger, longer earrings for bob haircut styles will stand out against your short cut. This is great for highlighting uniquely shaped earrings, like the Color Play Threaded Beads.
Unless you’re wearing a headband to pull your hair back from your ears, studs are not the ideal earrings with short hair like a bob.

Best Earrings for Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Earrings Hairstyle

Pixie cuts are one of the shortest hairstyles you can choose, allowing you to show off even the tiniest earrings with little effort.

This stylish hair cut is great for cuffs, studs, and ear crawlers - offering a wide range of earrings for pixie cut styles. You can even layer studs when you have multiple piercings, like the High Shine Dome Stud. While this earring may seem simple, it has a glossy, high-quality finish that looks great layered with all your other styles, making it one of the best earrings for pixie cut hair.

Earrings for Pixie Hair
If you want a bolder look, that’s no problem. A pixie cut hoop earrings look is sure to wow, and you can wear both big and small hoops and still get compliments! The High Shine Mini Hoop is a great, smaller hoop choice that’s covered in crystals - adding an extra sparkly set of earrings for pixie cut hair.
Earrings for Pixie Hair

Choose Earrings for Short Curly Hair

Earrings for Short Curly Hair

That’s not all for the short hairstyles! Lastly, we have the best earrings for short afro hair and curly styles.

Unlike some of the other shorter hairstyles, curly short hair requires a little extra thought when it comes to selecting the perfect set of earrings. This is because your curly locks are more likely to get caught in earrings, just like long hair.

With hair that already provides a lot of style and oomph to your look, you can opt for simpler sets of earrings that will allow your hair to have the spotlight and won’t get tangled in your curly tresses. This is where studs make a great everyday choice, like the medium High Shine Dome Stud.

Earrings for Short Curly Hair
Hoops are also a great, more noticeable set of earrings for short curly hair. Rock a shiny hoop like the High Shine Sleek Hoop, or go for an even more stylish, bold choice like the Leadlight Hoop in Neutral - a more subtle take on the Chartres version while still featuring unique stones.
Earrings for Short Curly Hair


No matter your hairstyle, the perfect pair of earrings can instantly elevate your look, highlighting your unique style and personality.

To show off both your hairstyle and your jewelry taste, you want to choose the most beautiful, high-quality earrings, and at Saiso, we offer just that. With modern, elegant styles to elevate your look, our range of earrings offers the perfect option for every hairstyle.

Visit Saiso Jewelry to find your hair’s best match today.


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