How to Wear Hoop Earrings in Different Ways

For many jewelry connoisseurs, a pair of hoops is a closet staple to wear with a variety of outfits and occasions. Not only do hoop earrings pair well with other types of jewelry, but they also add that “girl next door” flare that will make any outfit more memorable.

If you’ve always struggled with how to pull off hoop earrings, consider the following styling tips to inspire you to add them to your jewelry rotation!

The History of Hoop Earrings

history of hoop earrings

First, let’s better understand how hoop earrings became so intertwined with cultures all over the world. The history of hoop earrings shows just how long hoop earrings have been around. Believe it or not, hoop earrings have been around since ancient times and they are thought to have existed since the creation of jewelry. It is believed that hoop earrings made their debut during the Mesopotamia era.

In the Minoan civilization that existed c. 2700 to c. 1100 B.C. during the bronze age, hoop earrings were made in gold, silver and bronze. Hoop earrings are even depicted in frescoes and these ancient plasted paintings depict both men and women wearing hoop earrings during this time.

In addition, Sumerian women have worn hoop earrings since 2500 BCE, and the ancient civilization of Nubia, now called Sudan, was one of the first groups of people to wear hoop earrings.

In America, entertainer Josephine Baker was often seen wearing hoop earrings both on and off stage. Hoop earrings have been in style for centuries and they are still popular to this day. Now, hoop earrings make the perfect addition to a variety of outfits for both women and men throughout the world.

How to Wear Hoop Earrings Casually

how to wear hoop earrings casually

One of the best parts about hoop earrings is how versatile they are. Because they come in such a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, it’s easy to mix and match your hoop earrings based on your outfit.

Casually wearing hoop earrings to work, to a date night, or to a night out with friends is always a fashion-forward jewelry choice. With so many different styles and varieties of hoop earrings, you can find the right pair to pull together any look.

If you’ve been wondering how to wear hoop earrings casually, here are some ideas to help inspire you.

Red Lips & Oversized Hoop Earrings

how to wear hoop earrings red lips

They say the devil is in the details, and this holds true for your outfit’s accessories, too. If you’ve put your outfit together but you still need that extra touch to take it to the next level, pull out a pair of oversized hoops.

You can choose the color of the hoops depending on your outfit or your personal preferences. Maybe the majority of your jewelry is gold so you want a pair of oversized gold hoops to wear with your outfit. Or maybe you chose to wear your silver jewelry on a particular day and you want to wear matching hoops.

You can’t go wrong regardless of the hoops that you choose! For an added bonus and pop of color, pair your hoop earrings with a bold red lip. Consider pulling your hair back away from your face to help show off your lips and your earrings.

Pair your hoops and red lip with a simple top and ripped jeans for a daytime look. If you need to dress up your outfit, hoops and red lips are also beautiful to pair with an evening gown or festive holiday ensemble.

Oversized Bohemian Hoops

boho hoop earrings

Another casual way to wear hoop earrings is by getting an oversized pair to create an effortless boho look. Start by choosing a pair of oversized hoop earrings. Depending on your personal style and comfort zone, your earrings may be on the smaller or larger side.

If you don’t currently feel comfortable wearing oversized hoop earrings, start with a smaller pair and work your way up. It’s normal to have to get used to the feeling of hoop earrings in your ears, so don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t ready for a large pair quite yet.

Pair your bohemian hoop earrings with other jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets for a decked out look. Don’t be afraid to wear a headscarf to complete your nomad style.

Modern, Geometric Hoop Earrings

geometric hoop earrings

Not all hoop earrings look the same, so choosing a pair that has a different characteristic can create a modern, edgy look. There are many geometric-shaped hoop earrings that show a playful twist on an otherwise classic design.

Geo-shaped hoop earrings may be circular with a rod going through the middle to create a more interesting design. Or instead of being rounded, the geometric earrings you choose may be hexagonal around the edges.

Another great perk about modern geometric hoop earrings is that they can seamlessly transition from day to night.

Mix & Match Hoop Sizes

casual hoop earrings

If you have more than one piercing per earlobe, consider wearing multiple pairs of hoops in varying sizes to create a more intricate look. Some people prefer to wear the largest pair in their main hole and use smaller pairs to adorn their second or third holes.

Not only can you mix and match hoop earrings sizes, but you can mix and match metal colors to create a truly unique and eye-catching look. This allows you to show off your creativity and personal style in an authentic way.

How to Dress Up a Pair of Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings dress up

Hoop earrings can not only be worn casually, but they can be worn to more formal events and dressier occasions as well. Here is some inspiration on how to pull off hoop earrings at a more formal event.

Drop Hoop Earrings for a Minimal Look

drop hoop earrings for a minimal look

Hoop earrings don’t have to feature a traditional design in order to be beautiful. Drop hoop earrings feature some sort of bar or long dangling piece that connects to a circular hoop.

As you can imagine, the length combined with the simplistic circular design makes for a beautiful addition to an evening look. Some pairs even come with one earring a longer length than the other to create a more whimsical twist.

Don’t forget to pull at least some of your hair back and away from your face to show off your beautiful accessories!

Hoop Earrings with Pearls

pearl hoop earrings

Combine two classic looks, pearls and hoops, for a show-stopping formal look. There are many pairs of delicate gold or silver hoops with the addition of a dangling pearl. Pearl hoop earrings may also come as multiple small pearls threaded onto a hoop.

No two pearls look the same, so your pearl hoop earrings will be unique to your jewelry collection. Pearls are versatile on their own as well, so these earrings can be worn with jeans and a button-down during the day or with an elegant pantsuit at night.

Medium-Sized, Versatile Hoops

how to wear hoop earrings

Many times, hoop earrings on their own aren’t naturally casual or dressy, but rather, the outfit with which they are paired will dictate how casual or fancy they are. If you have a go-to pair of hoops that are medium-sized, you can easily dress them up to suit the occasion.

Accessorize your favorite pair of medium-sized gold hoops with an eye-catching lipstick color, layered necklaces, or a fun pair of sunglasses. Your hairstyle can be used to dictate your outfit’s styling as well. Try a half-up bun with some face-framing pieces for an effortlessly chic look. Or opt for a low, slicked-back bun to allow your hoop earrings to be the star of the show.

Hoop Earrings with Crystals or Diamonds

hoop earrings with crystals

Who wouldn’t want to add a little sparkle to an elegant look? High-shine hoop earrings can add just the right amount of sophistication to your outfit and they are appropriate to wear to a variety of fancier occasions.

Sparkles aren’t just for more formal events, however. If you want to add an extra-delicate touch to a more casual look, opt for a pair of hoops adorned with Swarovski crystals in the metal color of your choice.

Tips on How to Wear Large Hoop Earrings

how to wear large hoop earrings

If you’ve only worn studs before, you may wonder exactly how to wear big hoop earrings. There are a variety of approaches that you can take to ensure your large hoop earrings are the star of the show.

Here are some tips:

  • Pull your hair up out of your face to let your earrings be the focal point of your face. Whether your hair is long or short, pushing it away from your face allows more of your earrings to show.
  • If you want to create a more understated look, keep your hair down while wearing your large hoop earrings. This allows your hair to be the backdrop of your contrasting earrings.
  • Pull your hair to one side to tease your beautiful large hoops to the world.
  • Match the large hoop earrings with other jewelry such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

Tips on How to Wear Small Hoop Earrings

how to wear small hoop earrings

If you prefer to wear smaller, daintier hoop earrings, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate them into your outfits.

Here are some tips on how to wear small hoop earrings:

  • Pair them with jeans and a blazer for a look that you can take from day to night.
  • Wear a pair of small colorful hoop earrings to add an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.
  • If you have multiple holes in one ear, wear one pair of smaller hoops paired with one pair of larger hoops to create a dynamic and eye-catching look.
  • Simply pair your small hoops with jeans and a t-shirt for an understated and timeless outfit.


Hoop earrings are suitable for nearly any style or event. Whether you already have multiple pairs of hoop earrings in your jewelry box or you’re interested in adding more hoop earrings to your collection, hoop earrings are a functional and beautiful closet staple.

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