The Best Ways to Give Jewelry for Christmas

It can be difficult to come up with meaningful, functional gifts every holiday season, especially if you are purchasing multiple gifts for special people in your life. If you’ve been aimlessly searching the internet for the ideal gift for everyone on your list, consider jewelry.

Jewelry is a great gift for Christmas for a variety of ages and it is a beautiful way to show someone how much they mean to you. Not only will the recipient think of you whenever wearing their new jewelry, but they will get to enjoy the gift throughout the year.

With so many different types of jewelry, from rings to bracelets and to necklaces, it can be tricky to know exactly the type of jewelry to gift. Earrings are one of the most popular options for gifts because they can be worn to nearly any occasion and always help tie any outfit together.

Christmas earrings as a gift are also ideal because they are perfect for blossoming relationships that may not be ready for an engagement ring. They’re the perfect symbol of love and commitment without the full commitment of a ring.

Creative Ways of How to Gift Christmas Earrings

We’ve put together some creative ways of how to give earrings as a gift this holiday season to help your gift pack and even bigger punch. 

Christmas Delivery

Christmas Delivery Earrings

A Christmas delivery, whether it be in the form of a small box left in your loved one’s stocking or an unexpected Christmas reunion armed with a small box in hand, is a great way to combine an outstanding gift with the element of surprise.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing her face light up when she opens her new pair of earrings for the first time, and a last-minute Christmas delivery is a romantic and easy way to make an impact this holiday season. Don’t forget to have someone record her reaction so you can relive the moment in the future.

Use Deceptive Packaging

If you think there’s a chance your loved one knows that you already purchased earrings for her Christmas gift, using deceptive packaging is an easy and effective way to throw her off, if only momentarily.

Consider starting with the small jewelry box and continuously put it in larger boxes. As she opens each box, she will find another box until she reaches the final jewelry box. To be fair, you may want to put a disclaimer that it’s not an engagement ring, as this thought may immediately cross some women’s minds.

This approach helps build up her excitement, and she won’t be disappointed with what she finds.

Take Them to a Special Place

How to Gift Earrings

Many couples have a special place that they like to frequent. It could be where they first met or the spot where they officially became a couple. Consider if you have a location that would make the present even more special and plan a special outing where you can give them the earrings.

If you’re giving earrings as a gift to a family member, relative, or friend, giving them their earrings in a meaningful spot will have just as much of an impact. It will be a memory that you will both cherish forever.

Scavenger Hunt

Why not make your Christmas earring present an experience for her to enjoy? Creating a scavenger hunt is a creative way to take her on a romantic or meaningful journey with the final stop resulting in giving her the stunning earrings you picked.

Your scavenger hunt can be within the same home or apartment, around to some of your favorite places in the city, or simply to a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Take your time to write creative clues that will lead her to her gift, but also remember to enjoy the special journey along the way.

Friends or family members can even make appearances throughout each clue location to make the experience that much better.

A Personalized Video

Personalized Video Earrings Christmas Gift

Take a trip down memory lane and put together some of your favorite memories with your loved one. This can be a compilation of photos and videos throughout the years put together in a video montage.

The thought that you put into the gift will mean the world to your loved one and it is something that you’ll fondly look at for years to come. For an added bonus, you can choose a song that holds significance in your relationship to play in the background of the video.

When the video is over, you can give her earrings as her Christmas gift, and we promise she will love them!

Give a Gift Inside a Gift

Putting the pair of earrings that you carefully picked out inside an additional gift is a creative two-for-one approach that is sure to be well-received. Here are some examples of gift options that can also double as gift wrap.

A Jewelry Box

Earrings Christmas Gift

Purchasing a beautiful jewelry box to present the earrings in isn’t only a creative way to gift the earrings for Christmas, but it is also practical. Safely tuck the box inside the jewelry box and even keep on the wrapping from the store.

There are many intricate jewelry boxes available that feature multiple tiers and lined felt interiors to ensure the jewelry stays in mint condition. Jewelry boxes provide a safe storage space for jewelry when it isn’t being worn.

A Plant

A simple way to brighten any plant lover’s holiday season is to get them a new plant paired with a new pair of earrings. Get creative by tucking the jewelry strategically into the houseplant or tying it with ribbon onto the plant itself.

Take this Christmas present one step further by also purchasing a beautiful bouquet to present as well. These small extra steps mean so much during the holiday season.

A Stuffed Animal

Christmas Earrings Gift Ways to Present

In the case that your significant other thinks stuffed animals are simply too cute to pass up, you can purchase one for them to present the jewelry in. You can choose a small stuffed animal or go for something more oversized.

Take the earrings you’re going to gift and place them safely in the lap of the stuffed animal and watch her face light up as a result. Another approach is putting the jewelry on the stuffed animal as if they are wearing it.

A Decorative Jar

If your significant other is a lover of all things home decor and homemaking, consider purchasing a decorative jar to store the earrings. You can purchase a vase or a vessel with a lid that suits her style.

Slip the earring box inside of the jar and make sure to be careful if there’s no lid to secure them. Every time she sees the jar displayed in the home, she will think of her incredible combination gift from a very special someone.

A Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates Earrings

The perfect pair of Christmas earrings paired with an indulgent box of chocolates is a classic, elegant way to show how much you care. There are many chocolatiers and candy stores selling variety packs during the holidays that will pair perfectly with her new earrings.

To make this gift wrapping hack even more of a success, remove some of the chocolates to make room for the jewelry. The earrings will be a surprise she never would expect when opening the chocolate box.

A Handbag

Any woman is always on the hunt to add more purses to her growing collection. You can purchase the bag she’s been eyeing and use it as the wrapping to present her earrings, too.

Tuck the jewelry inside of the handbag and securely zip it if possible. You’ll get bonus points if you can choose a bag that complements the earrings.


This holiday season is a chance to get creative with gifting and give everyone on your list something that will make them smile.

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Rainie Tian