What Different Types of Earring Backs (Earring Closures) Are There?

You’ve assembled a wonderful collection of earrings, and you’ve just purchased some new ones. But did you know that’s only a portion of the equation? If you’re frequently wearing earrings, you should be aware that there are a variety of earring backs, otherwise known as earring closures, that you can use to keep those beautiful pieces of jewelry in place. And depending on the type and size of earrings you have, your lifestyle, and even the shape of your earlobe, the kind of earring back you choose can make a big difference.

Let’s look at the different types of earring backs - and also the types of hoop earring closures - to see which is the best type of earring back for you. We’ll provide you with a full list of the types of earrings with names and pictures as well.

Push Back Earring Backs

Also called Friction Earring Backs, these are definitely the simplest and most common of all the types of earring backs. In essence, it’s a flat plate with a little hole in it. Then, two scrolls of the metal curve up, coming together and pressing against the post of your earring to hold it in place. Some of the most notable aspects of push back earrings are:

  • These backs are super convenient because they can pop on and off so easily.
  • Unfortunately, over time, they do tend to lose their grip on the post the more you use them.
  • You can try to get the tension readjusted, but you’ll eventually need to get them replaced.
  • If you use them without proper tension, they do have the possibility of falling off. So, even though you have the easy on and off convenience, you do have a bigger risk of losing an earring.

Screw Back Earring Backs

If you’re looking for something more secure, look no further than screw backs. These are the most secure of all of the earring backs. The post of the earring is threaded like a screw, and the back is essentially a “nut” that is spun up the post up to the back of the ear lobe. Some of the features of screw backs are:

  • They cannot be pulled off, they have to be fully unscrewed.
  • They’re remarkably reliable and secure, so you’re much less likely to lose an earring.
  • Screw back earrings do take time to put on and off, so they aren’t as convenient or easy to use as push back earring backs.
  • They are ideal for higher-value earrings that you want to fully ensure won’t ever fall off or get lost.
  • If you have smaller holes in your ears, the threading of the post may potentially cause some irritation.
  • If you’re not careful, the threading could get stripped over time, resulting in you having to replace your earring post.

La Pousette Earring Backs

With a pressure-loaded spring-activated mechanism, La Pousette earring backs are truly elegant and cleverly designed earring backs. Simply pinch the tabs on either side of the plate to disengage the connections that “grab” onto the post, and then release the tabs to engage them to hold the back tightly to the post. These earring backs have some interesting features and benefits:

  • The earring post has a little notch at the end to “catch” the earring back if it happens to slide down.
  • La Pousette earring backs are truly the best of both worlds, offering the security of a screw back with the convenience of a push back.
  • Because of their intricate design, La Pousette earring backs are typically more expensive than other earring backs.

Jumbo Earring Backs

Jumbo earring backs are basically just oversized push backs. This gives jumbo earring backs some interesting aspects:

  • With the larger size, jumbo earring backs are easier to manipulate than regular push back earring backs.
  • They are more supportive, with a larger flat plane against the back of the earring. So if you have a larger stud earring or a larger earlobe, these jumbo backs can help prevent the earring from dropping.
  • However, because they are larger and therefore use more material, jumbo earring backs are more expensive than traditional push back earring backs.

Lever Earring Backs

Lever earring backs are spring-loaded with a hinge that automatically snaps into place. You may want to consider lever earring backs for the following reasons:

  • For curved earrings, lever earring backs are preferable.
  • You don’t need to exert much effort to use these earring backs, so they are very convenient.
  • They are a little bulkier and more noticeable than other kinds of earring backs.
  • They are useful for sensitive ears because they allow room for the ear to breathe since there isn’t a post pressed up against your earlobe.

Latch Earring Backs

Similar to a lever back, latch back earring closures feature a hook-shaped wire. The difference is that the back metal part of the earring swings into a stationary catch that goes through the ear hole.

  • Latch backs are good for dangling earrings, as they provide added security to keep the earring locked.
  • The earring back is integrated into the earring itself, so you won’t have to worry about dropping your earring back on the floor and losing it.


Needless to say, there are a lot of types of earring closures for different types of earrings and earlobes. So which is the best type of earring back for you? Take a look at your jewelry collection, think about your earlobe size, and decide which types of earring closures will work best. And if you find you need to make some adjustments to the types of earring backs you use, contact us or visit our site for our wide selection of earrings and closures!

Rainie Tian